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Workflows allow an organization to create and establish digital business processes by describing how the tasks are done, by whom, in what order and how quickly to achieve productivity gains, and improved efficiency and customer service

A workflow process map (route) can be designed and published using the Workflow Designer application. Each step of the process can be assigned to a different business function and users can access the work at these steps to perform the required tasks.

Workflow Types

SoluSoft N2WDMS provides three different types of workflows for the distribution of information and/or tasks through a work process according to an organization’s rules and policies.

(1)  Hierarchical Workflow

Using Hierarchical Workflow, the administrator can initially set a user hierarchy which is displayed as a tree structure. Using a parent-child structure, work item(s) can be routed within the system.

Using this structure users can create a new workflow, process work items according to the parent-child roles, send work items to their parent or child role, delete work items, view the history of the workflow item and search current or past workflow items for given search criteria.

(2)  Rule Based Workflow

Using rule based workflow, users are presented with a list of items waiting at activity queues to which the user is assigned. Administrators can design workflows with activities and rules using N2WDMS graphical Workflow Designer.

In a Rule Based Workflow, Once a workflow process is defined by an Administrator, users can instantiate a new workflow item, process relevant work items to which the user is assigned, pass work items along to the next activity queue, view the history of the item within the process and search for items matching specified criteria.

(3)  Free Flow Workflow

In Free Flow Workflow , any user of N2 can start a new workflow with a template they are permitted access to, process any work items, pass along a work item, if permitted delete a work item, view the history of the workflow, search workflows for given search criteria and view the status of the workflow.

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