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Time & Labor Management

iTimeBase is a user friendly Time and Labor Management application designed to manage employee time reporting and generate management reports for payrolls, invoicing and expenses. Company specific projects are divided into tasks and each employee is assigned to a series of tasks and a project supervisor. iTimeBase provides fast deployment and easy configuration, reinforced with three levels of security. iTimeBase helps smaller to larger corporations with better Time and Project Management at the lowest ongoing cost of acquisition and operation.

iTimeBase provides a browser based thin client user interface to access the time sheet database under security and control. This centralized design eliminates the need for installing the application on a client system. iTimeBase makes it easy to generate automated reports for payroll and invoicing.

Mini iTimeBase

It's a small pop up window with a stopwatch that stays on the desktop for employees to enter their time and task descriptions as each task is completed.

Time Sheet

Allows employees to submit hours based on tasks assigned.

Distributed Office

With the Import/Export Module data from geographically dispersed employees can be transferred to the main database.

Manage Time

Supervisor approves hours as submitted by employees.


Universal search for Employees, Customers and Projects for fast editing or reporting.


Generates Payroll and Invoice reports that can be exported in various formats (DOC, PDF, XLS, RTF, HTML, XML etc.)


Controls access based on security levels for each project, team and individual.


Employees, Customers, Projects, Tasks and Activities can be configured to meet your organizations needs.


Use with your existing external systems.


User friendly set-up ensures fast and easy deployment.

  • Employees can easily enter time from anywhere at anytime.
  • Check and review the weekly hours worked on different projects before submitting the timesheet, reducing errors while increasing efficiency.
  • Project Manager can review individual employee working hours assigned for different projects and assignments, reducing errors arising in Actual Hours worked.
  • iTimeBase centralized information and web based application for employee's time management makes data easily accessible, reducing administration time and allowing managers to focus on core business functions.
  • Organization benefits from reports that give managers tools to accurately analyze employee time dedicated to certain projects and assignments.
  • By exporting all time and attendance data in the form of word and XML files with a click of a mouse, the need for any manual calculations or time in/time out entry is eliminated, thus saving time and resources while increasing efficiency through automation.