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  • Collaborate Globally

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About Our Product

Our product portfolio includes Enterprise Content Management products for a total end to end business process improvement for small, medium and large business. We have N2WDMS (Workflow and Document Management System), i3Capture (Scanning Solution), i3Process (Forms Recognition), i2 Archive and more.
The SoluSoft’s partner program is seldom opportunity given to qualified partner resellers. Our unique approach to partner program allows us to provide the right solution for each case and helps our partners significantly expand their offering portfolio, profitability and value propositions.
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Why Join Us?

Regardless of our agreement and products, below points stand resolutely right for all our products

Industry Knowledge and Networking

Industry Knowledge and New Working: Providing state of the art solutions to client, 15+ years of experience in the field of enterprise content management solution. We offer solutions from concept to post implementation support.

Cost Efficiency, Focus

Cost Efficiency Focus: Our products are designed and implanted in a very challenging environment. Our focus is always proving solution which will bring transformative change in a client’s company and lead to better return on investment


Quality: To be the best in the segment, we give utmost importance to quality. Multiple and timely quality control measures are taken to ensure best user experience. We believe to achieve perfection so we always innovate and it is an eternal process.

SoluSoft Reseller Program

SoluSoft’s vision is to provide one stop technology driven solution for enterprise, help them to manage the life cycle of all forms of recorded information, content and their metadata & also organize them according to corporate taxonomies, supported by appropriate technological and administrative infrastructures. We are looking for a partner who shares the same vision.

SoluSoft’s product portfolio is available to resellers via simple and straightforward reseller plan. Pricing is set by the scale of order (bulk licenses purchase), after which you are free to sell the products at your choice of pricing, and you are not bound to any pricing restrictions.