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OpenText Active Client Management

Manual processes, customer retention, underwriter effectiveness, customer service response, and claims cycle times, risk mitigation, regulatory compliance, incident, fraud management are all areas of typical challenges that are undergoing digital automation. The organizations that understand the compelling need for this transformation, and that take advantage of the tools available today to increase operational efficiency and streamline critical Line of Business (LOB) processes, will be leaders in the industry for years to come.

The Active Client Management(ACM) application leverages the underlying Client Management framework built on top of OpenText Process Suite technologies such as entity, case, content and process management to deliver a fast start implementation of operational case management such as ACM for Insurance, Banking, Wealth Management, Worker’s Compensation and more. It provides a 360º view of an entity such as customers, brokers, agents and other third party intermediaries’ casework, processes, content, correspondence and insights.  The ACM customer centric entity, case, content and process management optionally can be integrated with OpenText Capture Center (OCC), Client Communication(Streamserve) and Analytics (Process Intelligence) to extend the capabilities of existing line of business (LOB) systems and externally managed processes. The application delivers end to end customer centric dynamic and collaborative case management low code implementation within the core back office of customer, agent and adviser service operations to increase customer retention and focus on the whole customer experience  More Info

  • Single Framework For Multiple Solutions
  • Straight Through Processing
  • Configurable Process Design
  • Generic Workflow
  • Capture Broker
  • Indexing/Re-indexing
  • Create Case
  • Case Relationship
  • Case Checklist
  • Pend/Auto Match/Auto Unpend a Case
  • Add a phone call, Email, Task or activity to a case
  • Reassign a case
  • Add notes
  • Resolved a case
  • Reopen a case
  • Work distribution
  • Pick a work
  • Release a work
  • Route a work
  • Escalation
  • SLA
  • Email notification
  • Timeline View
  • Role based person
  • Content Management
  • Documents checklist
  • Adhoc task
  • Adhoc process
  • Queue's & List
  • Breadcrumb
  • Search
  • Reports
  • Manage Accounts (Clients/Agent/Company)
  • Manage Contacts (Master/Work Case)
  • Secondary Request
  • Integration to 3rd party systems
  • Access via browser
  • Access via mobile device
  • Dashboards
  • Favourites & Recent
  • Multilevel Approval
  • Sampling
  • Letter Generation
  • Custome Layouts

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Improve Customer/ Agent Relationship

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Increase Efficiency

Cut Cost

Meet Regulatory Compliance

Faster Time To Market

Rapid Application Development

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