OKTest is a generative dynamic testing system which allows designing and administering of on-line and off-line tests. The OKTest Solution caters for the complete testing life cycle from creation of question bank, test papers to test administration and reporting for assessment. This is a web based application that can be accessed on internet or intranet. With this application, tests can be taken for any grade, any subject, any time at any place. OKTest improves and eases student assessment process for the institution.

This system is equipped with a combination of tools to assist teachers/educators in creation of formatted tests. OKTest authenticates the candidate’s identity, administers a test, evaluates the candidate’s answers and keeps a record of the candidate’s scores. The system also provides facilities for question analysis. There are provisions for computing statistical indices for individual questions, based on data from tests administered. These indices can be used for question evaluation and improvement.

Question Bank :

  • Create Dynamic question involving images, icons, super & sub scripts
  • Add questions to the question bank
  • Add tags to define the question
  • Map questions to grade level
  • Create Question Templates
  • Rich GUI for content edition

Question Paper :

  • Create Dynamic question involving images, icons, super & sub scripts
  • Create Test Templates
  • Map Test to grades
  • Assign Questions to Test Papers
  • Assign Time to tests
  • Rich GUI for paper setting

Administer Test :

  • Assign candidates
  • Allocate date and time
  • Control test
  • Customized look and feel

Result Generation :

  • Submit completed test
  • Evaluate papers
  • Generate results
  • Export reports
  • Efficient online testing with automated scoring and analysis
  • Allows tracking student progress using data analysis
  • Efficient and accurate assessment
  • Cost and Time efficiency
  • Enforces specific rights at document sharing.
  • Conduct quick channelized tests
  • Reduced processing delays due to handoffs, document transportation and the speed of test paper handling
  • Assist management decisions by providing better management reporting on the processing and status of complete testing cycle
  • Provide secured remote access using web browser
  • Streamlined and formal database administration, maintenance and version control
  • Integrated central database repository
  • Identifies and addresses the needs and challenges of specific students, grades, districts and demographics group
  • Allows performing statistical and historical analysis from capture and metrics data
  • Multiple roles and users
  • Secure architecture
  • Conduct channelized tests
  • Conduct quick tests
  • Paperless assessment
  • Efficient and accurate assessment
  • Cost and Time efficiency
  • Completely customizable to suite organizational needs
  • Take multiple Tests at the same time