New Business and Underwriting Healthcare Applications Solution

End-to-end Solution Template using Business Process Management and Rules

Business Drivers

In today’s competitive business environment, increasing government regulation and tightening market conditions are driving Health and Life Insurers to look for better ways of meeting strategic objectives.

  • Insure more customers with less risk
  • Provide more product choices
  • Control application costs
  • Control costs associated with future claims
  • Serve and retain agents and customers
  • Respond quickly to changing market conditions
  • Meet regulatory requirements

Business Solution

The SoluSoft New Business and Underwriting (NBUW) Health Application Solution is a customizable solution template designed to meet those challenges. Built on world-class Business Process and Content Management software from OpenText and Business Rules software from Corticon, It fits easily into any insurance environment. It delivers a true end-to-end view of the entire process and provides much greater control and visibility to all areas of the business. The entire organization can leverage these tools to:

  • Serve customers faster and more accurately, resulting in appropriate product choices
  • Capture accurate health information for potential customers at the point of application
  • Provide better application status information to agents and customers, with fewer issues
  • Provide Business Intelligence in key performance areas
  • Provide automatic, verifiable and consistent decision making in both rating and underwriting
  • Provide a better customer experience
  • Provide complete audit trail of all documents and actions related to an application
  • Control access to information easily and comply with HIPAA and all other security regulations
  • Provide greater visibility to manag