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SoluSoft is a provider of customized assessments. We work closely with our education partners who in turn work with state departments of education (DOE) or school consortia staff; school administrators and teachers, college and university faculty to design any and all aspects of an assessment tools. SoluSoft is one of the first companies to develop a scanning and scoring system to digitally scan assessment test papers and to electronically score open-response, writing, and performance items. Our partners utilize our solution in more than 30 states throughout the US.

Some features include scanning a bulk of assessment papers, digitally scoring the scanned assessment papers either using our advanced optical mark system to electronically recognize marked bubbles off multiple choice answer sheet or presenting scanned images to trained scorers to score open response, and generating reports.

Our i3Capture and Forms Processer systems are utilized to capture test booklets that are returned from administered and completed testing to our partners for scoring. The i3Capture system will electronically capture the students’ responses to generate scanned images. Forms Processor’s Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) technology will capture the marked bubbles. The OMR data set is then released to the Data Processing (DP) department for further processing. The image data set is released to our scoring subsystem for scoring. Once the scoring is completed, the scored data is then released to Data Processing where both the OMR data set and the score is merged. This data is further processed by the DP department to generate reports. The reports are then sent to either DOE or school districts.

Please click here for more information on i3Cpature and FP.

The o(online)K(knowledge)Test system oKTest is a Computer-Based Testing (CBT) online classroom ready assessment system. It developed to administer formative assessments for private and state local education agencies, that includes hundreds of districts and thousands of students in each state. As there will be a wide variety of infrastructure, technical, capacity, and support capabilities in these organizations, the deployment model for the oKTest system will be a) license to own, b) lease for fixed time and thereafter renew to lease, c) utilize iCloudTest to host testing in the cloud.

The objective of the formative assessment system over the course of year is to provide school teachers/educators the creation of rich formatted tests, an in depth analysis of how students learn, and useful findings/feedback for changes that are beneficial to both the teachers and students. The findings/feedback will be obtained through teacher observation, classroom discussion, and analysis of student work, including homework and tests. Furthermore, this will adapt teaching and learning by forming necessary instructional adjustments, such as re-teaching, trying alternative instructional approaches, and offering more opportunities for practice in order to obtain learning goals and standards for students. It can be used by teachers to measure student knowledge relative to state and national standards.

The oKTest Solution will cater for the complete testing life cycle from items creation to test construction to test administration through test reporting for formative assessments.

The major functions are listed as follows:

  • Item authoring, development and maintenance
  • Item bank for item storage and maintenance
  • Test development, layout and construction, publishing
  • Test assignment to student, class, grade, school
  • Test administration
  • Test scoring
  • Test reports

Web based Assessment System

Paper based Assessment System