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Artificial Intelligence

Automated business process solutions based on Artificial Intelligence(AI) & Machine Learning(ML) have the potential to change the way your business operates.

It synthesizes human thought processing to optimize your business processes by mining an enormous amount of data, and provides you the insight to predict customer preferences and offer them better, personalized experience.

These solutions undergo gradual self-improvement, propelling in an intelligence explosion in carrying out your mundane tasks.

Hence SoluSoft AI & ML Solutions are engineered for problem-solving by reasoning and decision making.

Most importantly, we ensure that our AI & ML solutions align with human values and ethics.

Our Artificial Intelligence solutions span over a wide range of the spectrum of industries with a variety of applications to provide you more control and precision over your targeted outcomes.

Regardless of the type of your business, our Artificial Intelligence solutions provide you a number of benefits over traditional software to drive your business growth.

AI Sentiment Analysis
AI Sentiment analysis solution helps you to monitor the general tone of your customers by analyzing the sentiments of customers such as market acceptance of the newly launched product or customer satisfaction of the services offered over some time.

AI Classification
AI classification is a simple, scalable, flexible and proven solution that enables you to classify and structure incoming unstructured data such as emails or electronic documents. It automates the classification by recognizing the incoming content and extracts business-critical information such as,
Invoice number, PO number, vendor name, voucher number and more.

AI Digital assistant
Digital assistants assist you in taking timely decisions by enabling analysis and offering intelligent advice and support. They perform your routine monotonous tasks freeing you to do more creative tasks, hence sometimes are referred to as a personal digital assistant or virtual assistant.

Natural Language Processing

Text Analytics
Sentiment Analysis
Intent Analysis
Early Warning System
Digital Assistants
Robotic Process Automation
Customer Service
Inquiry management

Data Analytics

Decision Making
Predictive Analytics
Image Processing
Pattern Recognition