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Active Client Management for Insurance orchestrates the complete lifecycle for new bussiness(new polices), client servicing, and claims management cases. Employees and authorized third parties have an in-context, 360-degree view of case information relevant to the case?s lifecycle stage, tightly integrated with case workflows and multidirectional integration with all the relevant enterprise systems such as Policy Administration System. The case folder which operates just like a physical folder gives teams quick access to all of the relevant information no matter where it resides.Please visit opentext website for more information More Info

  • New Account Opening:
Quickly process applications and onboard new customers and new policies
  • Client Servicing:
Let policyholders maintain their policies online, saving time for both them and you
  • Claims Management:
Process claims faster and more consistently with smarter automation and best-practice guidance for employees
  • Business intelligence:
Track key performance indicators (KPIs) and gain insight through analytics covering each process automated
  • Automated information capture and communications:
Integrations with OpenText? Capture Center and OpenText? Communications Center remove paper from your processes and deliver personalized communications to customers in the right channels, and with rich interactivity
  • Audit trails:
Capture a complete audit trail of all documents and actions
  • Built on low-code development environment:
Easily configure and customize to your business with significantly less time and effort than traditional business process management platforms or off-the-shelf applications
  • Mobile support:
Serve customers in their preferred channels without investing in a separate mobile web platform
  • Improve the customer experience with fast, efficient responses to customer needs, claims and inquiries
  • Reduce operational costs, increasing employee productivity and case throughput and increasing automation and self-service
  • Innovate and adapt faster, quickly rolling out new products to address unmet needs or changing processes to meet new regulatory requirements
  • Manage compliance and risk with analytics and audit trails