The Dashboard, developed by SoluSoft, helps to improve day-to-day decision-making and to simplify the data driven decision making by presenting the important business information in various formats. This is a comprehensive solution that provides real time information to critical business performance indicators to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of business operations, processes and transactions. Dashboard is a single integrated platform where information can be propagated from any information source and be delivered to top management executives to lower level employees, departments and even to layman to experts and automate business processes.

Dashboard is a core component of SoluSoft BPM Suite. This captures end-to-end transactions and transactional data across multiple application servers. It summarizes and displays metrics to users with several reporting and activity monitoring views to help managers make informed decisions. The application provides dynamic reports powered by events, real-time and rule-based parameters. These reports give insight to key performance indicators (KPIs), cause analysis of business problems and alerts of impending problems. The organization benefits from making better informed business decisions, address problem areas quickly, take corrective measures and leverage the advantage of emerging opportunities.

Sophisticated Data Analysis:

Dashboard offers advanced tools for data analysis and drill-down. It gives the flexibility to customize different types of charts and reports. Users can generate several types of charts in 2D and 3D modes.

User-friendly GUI:

The application has a simple UI with customizable drop downs for data analysis parameters. Users can define combination of attributes to generate custom reports and charts. Dashboard empowers business users to monitor, explore and analyze to drilldown visual data for further analysis.

Database Connectivity:

The solution is capable of providing integrated view of all the data from multiple relational databases. The application allows users to generate charts and reports across various data sources. Administrator can write SQL queries to populate charts and reports. It provides visibility, measurement and assurance of key business activities to the decision makers.

Customized Query Builder:

Dashboard has an in-built query builder using which users can write custom queries. Charts & reports can be customized for color, fonts, text, axis scale, background, grid, type, labels and more. It provides the flexibility to modify all the elements for customized output. In fact there are over 240 different customizable chart attributes. Advanced features include data drill-down for further elementary analysis.


Dashboard acts as a performance management application which allows monitoring, measuring and managing performance by tracking metrics. It provides the edge to organization by providing insight about exceptions, actionable business intelligence, key performance indicators, performance metrics and more.

Access to Enterprise Data:

It provides secure access to underlying databases for customized view of performance for user groups. Charts & reports can be derived by analyzing multiple databases which can be shared across the user groups.

Data Export/Import:

This option lets users select the report type for export of charts, reports and templates. Data can be imported by the users also.

  • Alleviates users from dealing with database complexity.
  • Provides information from multiple data sources or servers
  • Allows easy data mining and analysis
  • Customizable parameters and rules
  • Drill down data at multiple levels and parameters
  • Eliminates duplicate data entry
  • Simple, easy and convenient way to access data
  • Built-in security to restrict access and ensure information confidentiality
  • Concise view of data elements and metrics
  • Interactive and dynamic UI