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Use of DMS (Document Management System) to overcome challenges around engineering documents

The volume, size, and complexity of the files created in engineering organizations present challenges in searching and finding documents. Additionally, engineering organizations often are faced with challenges around security, retention, and workflow. Here are some of the ways DMS help to overcome these challenges?

  • DMS can store document/drawing file versions in an organized manner with comments about changes made in each version
  • Customer or Project centric folders containing subfolders can be created so that all the documents, drawings files, and emails related to that customer can easily be stored and retrieved.
  • Access control can be given to an individual document or a folder so that only an authorized person can access the drawing file or document.
  • DMS can be integrated with an existing ERP system in such a way that ERP directly can store documents in to the DMS along with metadata supplied by the ERP
  • Documents and files stored in DMS can be used in a workflow process for approval.
  • DMS mobile application can provide access to any documents from remote
  • DMS can also be used as a vault application, which prevents an employee from saving documents on their local computer

N2 Document Management System developed by SoluSoft has been the choice of many engineering companies to manage, store, and retrieve their business-critical documents. The system provides document organization with secured access and document management capabilities such as search, view, checkout, check-in, annotate, export, and print from anywhere.

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