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Optimizing Mobile Enterprise Content Management Within Your Organization

What is an Enterprise Content Management System? And what difference does this make to my business?

Enterprise content management (ECM) is an umbrella term for the methods, tools, processes, and systems to better organize and manage business-related information.

The need to get critical business information into the hands of the right people at the right time is addressed when establishing an ECM over mobile technologies. Considering the mobile nature of today’s workforce, technologies need to be enhanced to keep evolving business needs. For example, professionals are spending less time in a traditional desk setting due to traveling, telecommuting, or attending meetings. Hence there is a need to remotely access important business documents quickly. This is where Enterprise Content Management comes into play.

Studies predict that by August 2020, there will be 6.1 billion smartphone users globally, which equals about 70% of the world’s population. This points to the increasing integration of mobile technologies in our work lives; a digital device that is very easy to carry around and connected to the World Wide Web can be force multiply for the business.

Advantages of ECM on mobile technologies:

• Reduce your business costs by going digital

• Spend less time organizing and more time on critical thinking tasks

• Elevate your customer service with real-time visibility

• Minimize risk and increase compliance with records management

• Simplify document version control to promote collaboration

For the last two decades, SoluSoft has been providing an optimized ECM solution to numerous global clients. ECM mobile application developed by SoluSoft offers real-time access to your business information efficiently and effectively with robust access control rules

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