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ECM Approach To Automate Standard Operating Procedure (SOPs)

Enterprise content management (ECM) is an umbrella term for the methods, tools, processes, management, and systems to better organize the business-related information such as documents, drawings, audio-video files, etc.

Leveraging an enterprise content management (ECM) system for creating, collaborating, storing, approving, and publishing SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) documentation is a strategic digital transformation decision for any company to meet compliance, secured access, and management of SOPs from anywhere.

How ECM can help meet regulatory compliance, secured access, and management of SOPs from anywhere.

 Streamlining Process: Using a well-defined ECM business process flow where an author creates an SOP, selects knowledge workers such as reviewers, commentators, and approvers to collaborate simultaneously on SOP before publishing the SOP. During the process, a complete history of the collaboration is maintained with participants’ electronic signatures for each task. Additionally, a checklist and ad hoc tasks are available at each step for a knowledge worker to delegate the SOP to an expert.

● Training Employee: Whenever there is a change in a corporate policy, procedure, or process, the ECM is utilized to create a new or revised SOP. Once the SOP is published, the ECM is used to administer employee training based on employees’ roles in the organization using workflows and task assignments. Once trained, employees confirm the attained training on an SOP using ECM workflow.

 Compliance: ECM keeps a record of all tasks with a timestamp and a digital signature that serves data for an audit process. Hence, proving that the organization is following the procedure outlined in SOPs.

● Collaboration: When SOPs are created and modified, the enterprise content management solution makes collaboration reports of all participants’ activities and modifications. The ECM collaboration business process provides document authors with the ability to accept or reject reviewers’ changes and commentators’ comments.

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