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DMS: The One Stop Shop For All Employee Documents

Human Resources (HR) departments spend disproportionate hours upon hours searching for, scanning, and refiling employee documents by hand. From filing new hire paperwork to maintaining employee records, HR spends at least 30% more of their time manually managing employee documents

When a new employee joins an organization, there is a need to collect and organize numerous documents, including identity proofs, residential proofs, experience certificates, passports, and more. Collecting all necessary documents and organizing them efficiently can be an overwhelming project to continually manage. Document Management Software can quickly reduce the cost and clutter of managing paper records.

Advantages of implementing DMS in Human Resources

● Integration with HRMS: DMS software can share or collects the documents through the applications your organization is already using and present them as needed in a singular UI, all without the hassle of a massive migration project. This would mean DMS will be a single repository of all HR Documents.

● Regulatory Compliance: Employee personnel records are among the many government-regulated documents required to be collected and kept by employers. With DMS software, these documents can be captured, stored, and organized electronically, allowing HR teams to support an organization’s crucial information in one centralized repository that helps keep the business in full government compliance.

 Security: Physical records can be lost or destroyed in an accident or due to theft, eliminating your only known copy of a document. A physical copy of a document can also reveal sensitive information to an unauthorized person. Access control list (ACL) can help an organization control the employee data and allow only authorized person to access it.

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